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Eat better. Run more. Squat more. Sleep earlier. Wake up earlier. Make a good breakfast. Drink water. Eat fruits. Read books. Adventure. Talk less. Listen more. Feel deeper. Love better. Open your eyes. Experience life. Be happy. my motivation to be happy. (via insignificantttt)

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When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

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don’t date someone that promises you forever. date someone who acknowledges that life happens, that people change, that things may get in the way. date someone who despite knowing all of that, tries their hardest for your relationship. 


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I need to be thinner and prettier and nicer and less depressed because I suck

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It’s all about money, not freedom. You think you’re free? Try going somewhere without money. Bill Hicks (via learned—helplessness)

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eyebrow game strong? more like eyeBAG game strong. i’m fucking exhausted. haha lol

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I think that if I could fall asleep next to you every night, I’d never really be sad again. Midnight thoughts (I already miss you)

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I wish I could get over this feeling of slipping under but I never get that far.

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